Centralized PO's



I do most of my buying in a central location using MS RMS. I have a
HQ server with 5 locations. When creating PO's with a vendor, we use
a PO number which is unique to a store, date, and vendor. This is so
that my stores, upon receiving a PO with above unique ID, can
immediately idenify PO and receive accordingly. I use PO Planner to
create PO's, however PO Planner sets the PO number automatically. I
need to modify the PO number according the the centralized order. Any
way to do this? Also, in a related question, is there any way to
upload order information into HQ from a spreadsheet? Thank you-




Hi Brian

you could use another field on the PO for your internal PO reference which
we do. We then have the worksheet PO # and our store / vendor / reference
internal PO reference on the Purchase Order.


I believe HQ will assign the worksheet number to the PO number. As Shaun
says, in the remarks or title field (this is accessed via the DETAILS button
in the worksheet properties) type the PO number you wish to assign; then, in
store ops, edit the PO and copy/paste that PO number into the actual PO
number, which must be unique. Hope this helps....


I believe HQ will assign the worksheetnumberto thePOnumber.  As Shaun
says, in the remarks or title field (this is accessed via the DETAILS button
in the worksheet properties) type thePOnumberyou wish to assign; then, in
store ops, edit thePOand copy/paste thatPOnumberinto the actualPOnumber, which must be unique.  Hope this helps....

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Shaun and Convo-
Thanks for the responses. The problem is that I have 5 stores and
when I have a centralized buyer, it makes it difficult to log into
each SO manager and change the PO. Secondly, even if I update the
"details" in PO Planner, the PO number that appears at on SO Manager
"PO Receiving" table is the HQ automatically generated number. This
makes for difficult receiving when there are 20 PO's in the local
store level system, and all of the PO numbers look nearly identical.
(No Supplier, for instance).

I have figured out that once you create a PO Planner you are able to
change WorksheetHeader_PurchaseOrder.PONumber, however that requires
some ability to know SQL tables.

Anyone know of a better system for entering PO's centrally, especially
for a shoe store with size/color/width matrices?





Out of the box, no. Maybe an add-on developer will respond. It is
unfortunate that with RMS, sometimes you need to rely on knowledge of SQL to
work the way you need to work.

When you say "Anyone know of a better system for entering PO's centrally..."
are you talking about a RMS modification or replacing RMS with another system
that allows for more centralized management of your retail operations?

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