Ch 13 conversion to CH 7 & Arizona



Hello all...

Wondering if I can get some assistance from the lawyers out there?

I'm in a chapter 13 bankruptcy currently, and I filed due to identitfy
theft. I was not able to rid myself and my credit report of some of the
credit cards, since my signature was too identical to the theif's. I was
told when I filed, I had the option of coverting to a chapter 7, but
insisted I pay my own debts. I inquired about this, and was told that I
would owe on my vehicle if I converted to a chapter 7. The vehicle in
question was included in the chapter 13 filing. At the time of filing, I
owed a few months to the creditor.

I'm wondering, if possible... what are my options with conversion. My
lawyer has seemingly gone out of business and I was referred to another
attorney. He does not return repeated voicemails left for him.

Any help is appreciated.





Brett Weiss

You have the right to convert your case to a Chapter 7 at any time. There is
a small conversion fee. If your car isn't current at that time, the lender
can file a Motion to Lift Stay and repossess it, or wait until your
discharge and repossess it at that time.

If you need a new bankruptcy attorney, I recommend checking the referral
service at the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys at

Brett Weiss
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