Changing/adding payment method to drop down list for an account



Is there a way to add new payment methods options to an account in the
Banking catagory? Or can I change the account to a different type, which
would allow me to select "Credit Card", "Direct Debit", "Check", "Other",
"ATM", "Cash Back", "Bill Pay", etc. payments? When I first set up my
accounts, I vaguely remember seeing a similar list of types of payments &
possisbly deleting or omitting the things I didn't think were necessary. I
think I changed the payment options, thinking the changes would be for that
individual account-since I was in the process of adding an acct & not in a
general setting area. But realized that the list remained limited on the
subsequent accts I was setting up - instead of showing the full list &
allowing me to edit, if necessary. It was long ago & everything was new to me
then, so I'm not sure if I have an accurate recollection of how things
happened. I would think being able to customize the payment method list is a
feature users, other than myself, would use.



Dick Watson

No. Yes/Maybe depending on how the account is getting information from a
bank. It will still be the list for that type of account/transaction (debit
or credit). In that order.

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