Changing an Item Cost after it has been sold



Hello there,

I am a new RMS user and thanks to this group I am starting to get good
at using it.

There's something I couldn't find and couldn't figure out... How can
you change the cost of an item that has already been sold?

I would like to be able to go thru the costs report at the end of the
day and correct mistakes. Let's say I discover an item that cost me $4
but it shows a cost of $0 in the report because we failed to include
a cost when creating the item.

How can I have the report show the updated cost after I change it in
the item detail so at the end I have an accurate profit margin figure
at the end of the day.

Any help is greatly appreciated.





Akber Alwani

Dear David, first of all you can't do so as it is already said and
reocmmended that you must setup your system before you start performing the
transaction. BUT you can do this by going back -end query and update the data
manually. but this is not recommended but somehow possible let me know if you
need me to write that script out.




1) Return Item at old(bad) cost. 2) Change item cost to new(good) cost. 3)
Sell Item. Note: net sale is zero and cogs is adjusted. Also depending on
deep you want change to occur the return/sale might need same
customer/cashire/salesrep etc. maybe the 'pain' of correcting will prevent
future occurances. Don't you check total received amt with Supplier Invoice?
Good luck!

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