Chapter 7 in CA


Patty Ballenger

I need some input about how to figure out what my house is worth? I owe
around $105,000. and from the comps I've pulled in the area (all mobiles)
run from $75,000. up to $175,000. What basis do I use to assign a value?
How much effort does the trustee put into affirming what I claim? I also
have a 98 Tahoe with 200,000+ miles on it. What are my chances of keeping
thank you,



Brett Weiss

Different trustees in different states have different ways of
valuing property. I suggest you ask your attorney how things work
in your area.

Assuming you can exempt its net value, the odds are excellent you
can keep your car.


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familiar with your state's laws who can review *all* of the facts
and the law applicable to your situation.

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