charging expenses and costs to a job



The program seems to only want to allow charging actual outside costs to a
job or project. QuickBooks does the same annoying thing. That's not the
real world.

It is easy to charge time to a project; I see how to do that. But what
about mileage, or a charge for using an instrument (which is not in turn
rented from a vandor but owned by us), or a per-page charge for photocopies
or... List is endless.

There needs to be a way to charge a job or project for other that time and
items out of an inventory in turn purchased from some vendor.

I can do it in an invoice but I'd like to be able to accumulate these
charges during a job, like I do with time charges, and have them roll into
the invoice. Because I apparently can't edit an invoive onec saved (dumb!) I
can't use the draft invoice to accumulate these charges either, then add
accumulated time charges.

Please tell me what important point I'm missing! There HAS to be a way to
do this!




The way I handled those chargable items was to set them up in inventory
either as service items with an associated cost, or as non-inventory items
with $0 cost so that I could assign the cost at the time of billing.

I use the time entry for recording time...then when I turn that into an
invoice it is very easy to add lines and select Inventory or Non-Inventory
Items to add to the Invoice.

Mileage for example could be set up as a Non-Inventory item at lets say $.32
cost for 1. Then when you invoice you just fill in the actual miles your
are billing for as the quantity...lets say 100, then the invoice line item
will appropriately show a line item billed for $32.00.

For expense items that have variable cost each time you invoice as an
example for Air Travel, I just set up the Non-Inventory item called Air
Travel with $0 cost, then when I invoice I choose that item with a quantity
of 1 and I fill in the amount.

The advantage of using the Service Items or Non-Inventory items as opposed
to just using Misc. Expenses is you can assign the cost items to an account.

Another way though is to just use the Job Costs tab on the Invoice Screen to
enter Misc Expenses or Misc Items and not use the Item Master at all.

As long as the Invoice is open you should be able to use it to accumulate
items as they occur and you can save and close the invoice and go back and
open the invoice then choose the Edit tab to make changes to it as often as
you like.

There may be other ways to solve your problem but I hope this helps you get

Chris Schatte

As a followup, we use the same procedure. Items puchased/charged in store are
allocated to an inventory item. Items used on the job are allocated to the
associated service item set up as described.
Note, an invoice that you create or edit as the job progresses will show in
your recievables as due even if the job is unfinished.


Thanks, folks. I'll take a look at it. What I'd like to see is a way, tile
with job time, to have it input and the added into invoices like times are.

BillQuick Team


If Job costing, time tracking and expense tracking are critical funtions of
your business, take a look at BillQuick 2005. It fully integrates with SBA.



Chris Schatte

BillQuick Team,
Unless I'm reading your pricing incorrectly for a 2 machine license with
support would be $595.00?


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