Charging VAT to EU and Overseas customers- help needed!



Hey I hope someone can help me as I'm getting a big headache trying to
figure this problem out.

Question: I need to know if I should be charging VAT to retail
customers who are non UK residents and also if I should be charging
different amounts to EU residents and the rest of the world? Ive read
somewhere that you charge VAT to everyone but if the overseas customer
wants to reclaim their VAT they can which sounds fair enough I
suppose. Is this the case??

I am also the manufacturer of my goods I sell at retail. So I also
have the same problem when selling to overseas traders, should I
charge them VAT? Again should there be a difference between EU traders
I sell to and the rest of the world traders due to EU VAT being 15%? I
really need to sort this out as I dont want to look a total fool when
quoting prices that will make no sense to an overseas trader who will
then lose all confidence in me, my product and my firm.

Many thanks in advance and any help will be gratefully received!


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