Check Document Number


Sam Fowler

We have company preferences set to allow duplicate document numbers, which is
fine, and our document numbers are being generated sequentially, which is
also fine. Problem is that we normally use text for document numbers and
somehow those text numbers are being reflected on our check document numbers.

For example: Document number "Sam" on an Invoice (OK)
Then a check will print with check number "123" (OK)
The document number shown in financial history for check is "Sam1" (NOT OK)
Document number for next invoice "Sam2" (OK-since we can over ride it)

Problem: can't edit check document numbers, doesn't even appear for viewing
until created, and yet no place to open to change.

How do we stop the check document number from using the previous invoice,
bill, or other sequence? Why isn't it using the check number?

This has become very confusing for staff, since they look for a check number
and see "Sam1" instead. No way to match accuratley. Is there a way to
change this?


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