Check Format - Note to Developers


Canada has recently made changes to teh format of checks to allow for
electronic scanners to read them. The format of checks currenlty printed fom
Accouting 2007 does not comply wiht these scanning rules - they are quite
useful. Please at least make an optionfor people to change theri check format!
THe main problem is the date it appears as
it needs to appear as
Date 05262007
with the letters mmddyyy
under the appropriate numbers

all format info can be found here
A picture of a correct and incorrect chack can be seen here

PLEASE MAKE THE TEMPLATE EDITABLE - you don't have to care about Canada and
the Candaian market, just any non-US market that wants to use this accouting

BTW if anyone knows how to fix this alreadyt please post - I had read the
posts and only found others with this problem and no solutions.


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