Checking lists of VAT numbers automatically

Jul 3, 2011
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This is my first post and I'm advertising my website, but I hope I will be forgiven as this should be useful for many people. It's a website for validating lists of EU VAT numbers:

www Vatchecker com

Simply paste your VAT numbers and press the button, and it will work itself through the list automatically checking whether the VAT numbers are valid.

The reason I created this website is because I have an online business myself and I have a a considerable amount of sales to companies inside EU. Every quarter I need to check the VAT numbers on these sales, so that I can contact my customers for a correction in case of an invalid VAT number. Checking VAT numbers manually on the VAT VIES website drove me nuts, so I worked on an automatic solution.

Please note that the website connects to the official EU VAT VIES website to validate the VAT numbers, so if this website is down (which happens rather often) then will not function either.

By the way, does anybody know why Spanish and Italian companies have such a high amount of invalid VAT numbers? In my experience when a VAT number is invalid it's either from an Italian or a Spanish company (Portuguese coming as a solid 3rd). Is it because their national tax numbers have the same format as EU VAT numbers?


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