Cheque numbers


Mike Scholl

A minor QB 2005 thing someone may be able to shed light on.

I have noticed that sometimes when paying bills if I let QB fill in the
cheque numbers it doesn't continue my cheque number series and I have to go
into the register and edit the numbers. (I am writing the cheques out
I do put items without cheque numbers through the bank account: Direct
debits and Internet payments - I just give them the "number" DD or INTERNET.
But I'm not sure if that is causing the problem.





Yes, entering a cheque with a different number or with letters throws
out the automatic numbering.

I mostly use internet banking to effect payments and because QB insists
on numbering every "cheque" issued, I use a negative series for
internet payments. QB then quite happily numbers them backwards and I
know that a negative number is an internet banking payment. When I do
issue an actual cheque I have then to enter the number individually and
afterwards set the numbering back to negative numbers.


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