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Sainsbury's responds to work experience controversy
24 February 2012

Sainsbury's has clarified its position over the government's work experience
programme and links to the group A4e.

The supermarket has also consistently asked A4e not to approach its stores
about work experience and will continue to do so.

allegations that some firms are making paid staff redundant and replacing
them with these free workers from the jobcentre ( jobseekers )

success of this kind of literacy and numeracy programme is being carefully
monitored. If it doesn't help more people get into work, then it will be

When there aren't enough jobs, it doesn't matter how much work experience,
CV writing workshops, interview skills etc. jobseekers undertake, the
overall level of unemployment will not go down.

Job creation is what we need, and politicians with some ambition.

mailto:[email protected]

People with literacy difficulties
In some areas, there is no provision for people with literacy difficulties

Social Security Tribunal's

welfare rights group

(e-mail address removed)

Fiona Mactaggart MP

National Audit Office

A4e's "abysmal" record
Work programme, with 9% of clients got into work.
A4e's Steve Wright, looking nervous, says that it's a competitive market,
and he can't control the labour market. Back to Cheryl, who is doing the
rounds with her CV. But employers say they get hundreds of them. Finally,
A4e admits that they can't create jobs.

A4e is paid by the Government to find work for unemployed people. However,
in recent days, it has been accused of allowing its employees falsely to
claim people have been placed in work and sending the unemployed to work for
free in its own offices.

Chris Grayling: government will sever links with A4e if police unearth

Supermarket giant Tesco this week offered to pay people on the scheme and
asked ministers to remove the threat of benefit sanctions against those not
completing their work experience.



Best Regards
Mark Patrick Norris


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