Italy cima certificate or att courses from 2 to 4?

Jul 19, 2015
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I’m 32 i have been living in Japan since graduating from university. I am leaving next month. I want to have a career in accounting in the uk. i hold a university degree but it’s not related to accounting. From now on i could dedicate myself 100% everyday to study towards this. What would be the fastest and at the same time most effective way to get qualified? Where should i start? With cima certificate in business and accounting or work my way from aat level 2 to 4? For example, with all the tests along the way that i will have to pass, which course offers more possibility to take tests as soon as i am ready to sit them without having to wait for months? Which course, so to say, could be the faster to be climbed to the top? i hope i have made my situation clear. please advise.


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