CIMA qualified looking for practice work - need info



Can anyone help? I am qualified CIMA, and work in industry, where I am
happy. However I would be keen to have half a dozen clients - small
businesses/self employed where I can prepare their accounts and self
assessment tax returns. Something to get me out of the house at the weekends

I am aware that as a CIMA, I cannot sign off accounts and believe this will
hinder me in pursuing a few clients - what options do I have, if any?

Any help would be most appreciated




Jonathan Bryce

Paul said:
No, as a CIMA you can sign off accounts other than regulated work
(statutory audit, charity audit, FSA regulated clients).

IMV CIMA is becoming more accepted as a practising qualification, and so
long as you deliver a good standard to your clients you will have no
difficulty in obtaining and retaining work.
I assume he will need a practicing certificate or whatever CIMA call them,
and PI insurance, which could be very expensive if other threads are
anything to go by.

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