Citibank and Money 2005? Yes or No?



Can anyone in on the beta or with factual info provide
the info on what features will be automated between
Citibank and Money 2005? For 2004 only CitiCards
supported Direct Download (2-way) while Citibank only
supported the 1-way system.

Has 2005 changed this with thei "much improved" online



Dick Watson

Have you called Citibank???!?! They control what services they offer, not


-----Original Message-----
Have you called Citibank???!?! They control what services they offer, not
are you kidding me? :)

citibank doesn't know much beyond they are a bank...
Microsoft will be the first to list if Money 2005 will
better support citibank.

Dick Watson

You say things like "if Money 2005 will better support citibank" that seem
to suggest that Microsoft uniquely adds things to Money on a bank-by-bank
basis based on what the banks want Microsoft to do. They don't (besides
advertising the services offered by the banks, as reported to them by the

See for some hint of what the FIs
have to do to play on Microsoft's terms.

Have you looked at

Now, if your point is that Microsoft would like to brag if Citibank was
playing along, that's probably true. But if you look at some of the names in
that last link, you'll find Microsoft is equally happy to brag about the
Seventh National Bank of East Podunk supporting Money.

If your point is that you don't have easy access to anybody at Citibank who
has a clue what they are doing to play along with the Money interfaces, I'm
sure that's true as well. And this fact certainly gives some indication of
how important Citibank thinks supporting Money is to their business. Call
'em up and ask if they'll rent you some money at 21% APR--I'll bet you'll
find lots of people ready to answer **THAT** question.

If you have lots of money there, like nearing 7 figures, you might call and
ask to speak to a VP. They're a dime a dozen at most banks. Threaten to take
your Money to Wells Fargo (or some other big bank), since they support this
2-way stuff and Citibank doesn't, unless Ms. VP can get you the answer, by
this time tomorrow, ahem, that Citibank will roll this 2 way stuff out in
the next thirty days. They are still unlikely to give a darn and you'll have
to take you money for a walk, but you might fell better about the whole

If you're thinking Microsoft is sitting around adding code to Money to
benefit Citibank's customers, fuggedaboutit. Whatever support Citibank
provides to Money users today for M04 is 99.999% likely to be exactly what
Citibank offers to M05 users tomorrow. But I could be wrong.


i know that Citibank is the one that has to play along.
clearly! the problem is citibank never makes it clear
what choices it is making with quicken or money, and
therefore the only source to see if there has been in
improvement in their working system is via the producer
of the software.

don't read into this thing a big political saga.

again, can anyone tell me if Money 2005 and Citibank has
new features this year for downloading?

Dick Watson

I'm not trying to turn it into a political saga. I'm just noting that you
posted an unanswerable question ("why is the earth flat?") here and you
don't seem willing to understand why it is unanswerable. I'm also noting
that nobody from Citibank is replying here telling you that the moment you
install M05 you will reach ebanking nirvana with Citibank.

Have you read the Fact Sheet from Does it
say somewhere in there that there's this neat new capability that banks just
like Citibank can support from their end if they want to?

You started out asking if M05 was going to support this 2-way thing with
Citibank. M04 supports this 2-way thing with Citibank. Right now! Out of the
box! Citibank doesn't, apparently. You asked if M05 has new features for
downloading (from Citibank or the Seventh National Bank of East Podunk, no
matter). None have been described in the M05 materials published to date.
Enough said.




Wow. Just wow.

AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN I say... I just was asking if anyone
knew if Citibank / Money 2005 worked better together this
year. Not if it was Citibank's fault that they didn't
have good features last year. Not if it was Microsoft's
fault that they didn't have good features last year. Just
what do they have THIS YEAR.

While I agree that no published Microsoft Money 2005
materials detailing which banks have enhanced support
this year exist, it was NOT unreasonable to assume that
perhaps some of the MS MVPs, or perhaps Beta Testers of
Money 2005 could provide some info on if Citibank had
more support this year for Money 2005.

My "hope" for enhanced support comes from the following
comments about Money 2005 found from Microsoft as well as
other review, and bulletin sites:

- Enhanced Account access. With connections to financial
institutions nationwide, Money offers convenient access
to timely account information, reducing the need for
manual entry.

- Money now provides online connections to more than
5,000 financial institutions, a huge increase over last

and many more... so, Dick, while it is obvious YOU don't
know the answer (and perhaps no one does), I am still
seeking any beta testers, MS employees, or MS MVPs who
have additional knowledge of Money 2005 to see if
Citibank has additional support this year.

How can a simple question go so wrong?


I have 05 and Citibank is on the list of banks that support what you want to
do. None of the online stuff is working reliably yet in the 05 version (GM
Card is on there too and it's not working yet either, although my bank
(Fifth Third) does. From what I can tell, you will be happy with this


thank you! finally someone who knew something rather than
wasting my time with complaints of how i asked the

i look forward to getting money 2005 now...

thanks again!



To answer your question...

Citibank only works well with Quicken 2005

Hope this helps.




Michael Gordon, MVP

On what basis do you say this? Experience with Money 2005?


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