UK Claiming to be a charity

Aug 29, 2016
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United Kingdom
I've searched and searched the web to find information on what I'm about to explain, I've come to this forum in the hope that I can get some advise from people who know what they're talking about.
The situation is as follows, there is a private individual collected thousands of pounds via Facebook and other media outlets claiming to be a charity/sanctuary, they are not a registered charity or a not for profit company, they have actually now bought property with these donation and aren't saving any animals just buying them in with this donated money, if they are not a registered charity or a not for profit company are these donations classed as income? they produce no accounts and it appears all monies received go straight into their bank account, there are a lot of kind hearted naive people being basically ripped off to fund these individuals life style, can they just take thousands of pounds of people like this under the guise of 'saving animals' and not be accountable for it.

Would really appreciate some guidance with this, thanks.


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