I am using a trial version of MS Money 2007. I've been using Quicken and
QuickBooks for years, and they both have a feature called "classes", similar
to Money's "classifications". In the Intuit programs you can crreate as many
classes as your eart desires; however, in Money 2007, it would appear you can
create only two "classifications". Although Help says you can create a new
classification by typing a name in the "blank", I can not seem to locate
theis blank area after I have created my two initial custom classifications.
Is it possible to create more than two classifications, and, if so, how?



Dick Watson

Classification1 and Classification2 can be used just like Class except twice

See for some examples.

I'm suspecting that you have confused defining Classification1 and
Classification2 with defining actual class members for these

For most people, Classification1 can be called Class and Classification2 can
be ignored. There are very few good cases for the second.

Once you say you want to use Classification1 as "Class", then, when entering
transactions, you will get a new line, right below Category:Subcategory for
Class:Subclass. After entering, say, a transaction as category
Automobile:Gasoline, you can go to the Class:Subclass boxes and enter, say,
Automobile:F-150 Pickemup, and Money will ask you about creating a new Class
"Automobile" and then a new Subclass "F-150 Pickemup". This is just like
using a new category or subcategory and, similarly, you can create hundreds
or more each with hundreds or more sub-classifications.

You can maintain the "Class" (or whatever you chose to call it) list from
Account Tools|Categories & Payees|[name you used for Classification1 or
Classification2] just like you maintain the categories and subcategories at
Account Tools|Categories & Payees|Categories.


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