Collectors lying about who they are



I had a collector calling my mothers house trying to get in touch with me.
This is all saved on answering machine. He called a few times saying he was
from this law firm or collection agency about a collection. My mother told
him that was not my number and to stop calling up harrassing. Then he called
again claiming to be a Captain in the Air Force leaving his 800 number for
me to call back urgently. My former employer told him the truth the last he
knew I was called up to active duty in the Air Force. I also notified the
credit card companies at one point or another that I was on active duty and
subject to the Soldiers and Sailors Relief act. I hadn't heard from them for
sometime and they racked up the interest rates then sold off the debt to
collection agencies. At one point I even contacted the credit card companies
to validate the debt I owed and out of the 3 I sent notice too one responded
and the other resold the debt rather then respond. Another 2 placed
judgments against my checking accounts, I had my parents go down and show my
Military Orders to the court who removed the judgments. The reason for all
the debt was medical problems. Is there any recourse I have in such matters?
Thanks in advance.



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