UK Company director financial regs

Sep 13, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi All!
This might be a long one so please persevere with me

company A (charity) appointment an interim director of planned works let’s call him Simon who is a consultant to reshape the way things work, Simon then brings one of his staff in to become interim director of asset information the people who supply the data for the planned works team.
Example the asset team say 50 kitchens need to be complete this year and the planned works team deliver the works using a sub contractor,

Simon is also interim director of the in house sub contractor (company B) and is awarding work through his colleague in asset to the planned team then to the sub contractor company B to invoice companyA………

my question is… is this a conflict of interest and also is this against financial regs as Simon can basically write his own cheque?
Am I right in my logic or is this fully above board and normal?


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