Compiling (Make) DLL for an add-on



I know this is a simple question buy I cannot solve it yet...

I finish writing and debugging an add-on and I am ready to make it as a
dll. When I try to make it, it returns an error saying that the user
defined type
has not been defined (session As QSRules.session in the Process function).

I have gone to the Project menu > references and checked the "Store
Operations Business Rules" and pointed it to the directory where QSRules.dll

I am assuming that this is what is referred as to add a reference to QSRules
but maybe I am totally stupid....

Please help...




Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

I think it's actually QSRules.SessionClass, but when you build, you should
change it to As Object anyway. MS does not promise binary compatibility
between hot fix releases, so using As Object protects you from having to
recompile everytime a new service pack or hot fix is installed.


What happens during an RMS upgrade to a DLL's reference to Store Operations
Business Rules? Session As Object will not have an upgrade problem with
binary compatibility but does it break the reference? Is the reference like
createObject("app.class") that is not affected by binary compatibility?

Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

If you declare the variables and parameters "As Object", you won't need a
reference at all.




When building custom extensions, it is suggested to not refer to the
Business Rules in the project. This is termed "late-binding". This allows
for subsequent changes in QSRules and does not require that you re-compile
your custom extension. It is recommended that you add a reference to
QSRules.dll while developing the extension ("early-binding") and then remove
the reference when deploying it.

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