Completing proof of claim for GM


Barbara Lindholm

I am trying to complete a proof of claim for litigation involving GM. I
purchased a bond within the specified time frame but am not sure how to
complete part of the form. Under the Purchases and Sales section, where it
asks for all purchases, (I only have one), It asks for "description of
bonds/notes". Do I just put in how many shares of the bond I purchased? It
asks for "principal amount", and I assume that would be what I paid for the
bond minus the accrued interest.(?). Then it asks for "purchase price per
$1000 of principal amount" and the next box is "Aggregate cost". I assume
the first box means the price paid per 1000 shares which was 104.995,
although with bonds, I know you multiply that price by 40 and not 4000 to
get the actual total cost, and the Aggregate Cost would be the total of what
I paid. Would the Aggregate Cost be the same as the Principal Amount (minus
taxes, fees and commissions)? Thanks for any help. I am not real
knowledgeable about bonds.
Barbara L.


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