Concerns and hysteria about accountants and our future (my opinion).


Saad Arif

I figured it was probably time to give my .02 cents on the concerns
accountants and soon to be accountants, and that is whether there is a
safe foundation and future for us. Even though with the scandal(s)
going, and the economic turmoil and problems we are facing, i do
honestly believe that our future as accounants is fairly secure. It
is obvious that the need for more skilled and honest auditors, and of
course their job will be to cleanup this "mess" corporations and
goverments have created. But once everything is cleaned up, the
demands for normal accountants (controllers, payroll, etc..) will also
be needed.

I would like to know what everyone elses opinion on this subject. I
do believe we as accounants have an ongoing/evolving career. And that
is a good thing.



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