connection lost



Periodically we loose our connection to the database. It occurs upon
opening in the morning when we boot up the computer. There is not an
occurring factor that contributes to this.

I can fix it one of two ways:
1.Sometimes rebooting simply fixes the problem
2.Other times I have to go into Administrator, check the DB connection,
and test the db connection.

Does anyone have any advice on this or is anyone else having this problem?





have you tried putting an entry in the client machines lmhosts file??



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

MSDE sometimes takes a few minutes to start up. You may just be trying to
open POS or SO Manager before the service is available. There should be a
SQL Service Manager icon in the task tray (lower right corner) of your
desktop - make sure it is showing a green arrow rather than a red square
before trying to open any of the RMS programs.

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