Contract TAX ACCOUNTANT Needed (Irving, TX)



NEC Corporation of America - It's a 3-month contract job. The salary
is $30-40/hr. We would like to start someone ASAP. Here are the job
specifications below.

Description of Duties: Reconcile and complete Annual Payroll returns
for 5+ FEIN due to a merger. Includes reporting to Social Security and
local tax returns. Finalize W2 processes and work with Payroll to
develop support for all returns that will generate an excessive amount
of tax paperwork in future years.

Unique Skills Experience or Qualifications: CPA, 5+yrs experience with
payroll taxes with multiple FEIN's, strong analytical and problem
solving experience, experience and knowledge with mergers and
acquisitions. Exposure to ADP tax filing reporting

Send resumes to: (e-mail address removed)


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