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Jan 18, 2012
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I am a independent CPA contracted by a non-CPA firms (owners and employees are not CPAs) to provide some of their clients various accounting and advisory services. The non-CPA firm is marketing to its clients as though it has CPAs on staff to attract clients. However that CPA is me and I am not employed by the company as an employee. The non-CPA firm do not want the clients to know they subcontracted the work out to a licensed CPA to handle. My concern is the liability I could face as a license CPA by the client and/or the non-CPA firm that I am servicing on their behalf if they are marketing to clients that I am a CPA working for the company. I have direct communication with the clients and its in-house staff when performing work and the client know I am a CPA.


1. Do I have any liability risk in this case as a contracted CPA?
2. Should I indentify myself and financial advice to be independent of the non-CPA firm advice, if different?

I do not mind doing the work behind the scene unknown to their clients but feel the non-CPA firm should not be using my name or credentials in the company marketing strategy or signing off work I did not complete myself.

Your advice in matter is appreciated.



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May 12, 2011
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Sorry, but for legal liability questions and contract questions you need to ask a licensed attorney. This is an accounting forum.

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