Converting Online Edition to Desktop Edition?




We have sold our company and have been using QB Online Edition. We have
purchased QB Pro 2008 Desktop version and will be converting our Online
version to the Desktop version within the next few weeks. I have installed
a brand new copy of QB Pro desktop and have been playing around with the
sample file and a few other test files I have created to get myself
acquainted with the new interface. I have read up on how the conversion
will take place. I am a bit apprehensive about the conversion and was
wondering 2 things.

1. Does anyone here have any experience doing this and if so what was it?

2. In reading the help files on how to convert it states that you should not
have any company file open and have all windows closed for the conversion.
However, after I close a company a window pops up telling me there is no
company file open and gives me a list of what company files I can open.
Since there is not supposed to be any windows or companies open at the time
of conversion, I cannot find out how to close that window and keep it
closed. Any ideas?
Thanks to all who respond.


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