correct category not showing with payee



I am using Money 2002 Deluxe. I started using this version money after
importing data files from Money 2001 a few months ago. Under 2001,
when I enter a transaction, by selecting a particualr payee, the
corresponding category would also automatically display. With 2002
Deluxe, this is not the case. I have to manually search and select a
category from the pull-down menu after selecting the payee.

What's the purpose of associating payee with categories then? This is
extremely time consuming and frustrating. What used to take 10-15
minutes of work entering transactions each month, is now taking 1 hour
to do. I have used this Money 2002 Deluxe for months, each month with
mostly similar trsanctions, so I figure that's sufficient time for
Money to "remember" the association, not to mention these associations
were all functional in Money 2001.

How do I turn off Money "guessing" the payee/category of transaction
when downloading them off my banks? It may just be easier for me to
manually selecting payee each time.


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