Corrupt QBW File



Hi, anyone able to shed some light on a problem we have with QB2003.

User was creating an estimate from a customer job, closed the
estimate, reopened it to edit and ended up with an error C341 and
something about not being able to save the estimate.

NOTE: The estimate was around four A4 pages long.

So the job then disappeared from the customer:job list and it now
transpires that *all* sales reports are blank!??!

If anyone has ideas on this, please comment, we have daily backups but
this problem has now happened twice.

I'm guessing that somehow the db's index's are corrupt, unfortunately
I don't have an ODBC driver to import the whole db along with schema
to another db, so i'm just guessing.
Mar 28, 2014
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Jul 7, 2014
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