Cost effective accountant needed - any recommendations please



I am looking for an accountant or other suitably qualified person who
can help us by doing the statutory end of year accounts for 2010 (year
ends Dec 31st) with minimum input and as cost effectively as possible,
whilst maintaining appropriate accuracy.

I have a UK Ltd company that is semi-dormant. There are VERY few
transactions and all the postings and book-keeping are done and
recorded in Quicken 2004 format. The records can be supplied
electronically or in paper print out format.

The VAT returns we do, and there is no PAYE to be done as there is no

The work required is strictly limited and it is the minimum only for the
purpose of meeting the legal end of year filing obligations etc. There
is no value in it to us, other than that. So the simpler the exercise,
the more efficient it can be done and with the least bureaucracy, the
better all round.

What I am looking for is putting the companies transactions into
statutory accounts formats for legal purposes only. This would involve
the accountant preparing unaudited accounts for the director's use only
plus abbreviated accounts for Companies House and submission of the
necessary return for corporation tax to HMRC (CT600 etc) only

Things should be very straightforward.
I don't expect we will need meetings. No tax advice will be needed, nor
tax planning. I expect that any discussions will be by telephone, e-mail
and post.

Should work pick up for the company, then future years may well require
more input and more services, but for now the brief is limited.

I would be grateful for any suggestions, recommendations that anyone

Many thanks


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