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Jan 27, 2015
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United States
Hello all, I have some questions and needing some help from the community. I have recently moved up at my job from the Jr Accountant to Cost Accountant. I work in a company that designs and manufactures ARM-based System-on-Module . We provide x86, ARM, Custom Carrier Board Development and Embedded Software. I have been asked to come up with some innovative ideas and projects to utilize my skill-set. The only issue I am having is I'm super new to this as I have only been in the role for 2 weeks and already being asked to come up with new projects and I'm drawing blanks. Previously I really only did accounting background tasks. Initially I was told I would be just costing the boards that we make. So now the only things I can think of are costing out our products. I could you some help in brainstorming for ideas. My Background is a degree in Economics, I have taken accounting classes all the way through the 300 level and have a limited knowledge of lean. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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