CPA exam preparation question



I realize we are all different and we learn in many different ways but
what do you consider to be the best way to prepare for this exam?

Regardless of the classes/books you may use, i.e., Beckers, Bisk,
Wiley, Gleim, etc., is doing problems over and over the key here? When
doing a problem, do you immediately go to the answer section, determine
the correct answer for the problem, circle the correct answer for the
problem (and write the calculation next to the problem) and study from
that? (That's how some friends of mine are preparing.) Or do you leave
the problems blank and then keep solving the problems over and over?

Is understanding the concepts by reading the text over and over more
important than doing tons of problems? How often do you study each day?
Hours and hours?




If you are self-motivated and want really flexible schedule, the answer
would be CPAEXCEL.
This program is used by many univs in US including Univ. of Texas,
which shows one of the highest CPA exam passing rate.

Good Luck...

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