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Well, I took the last paper and pencil exam! (I had already passed
LPR and ARE without much studying in May). I think I did ok, but it's
so hard to tell. What is the average time it takes an accountant to
pass all four parts eventually? (I know there is a very low pass rate
for all four parts on the first time, like 10-15%).

Without disclosing specific exam questions, the thing I found is that
you could study 90% of the mateiral and know it in depth, but you may
end up being tested on that 10% you didn't know in detail in the 3-5
essays/long mulitiple-choice questions. I didn't really study as much
as I wanted to, but some of the 10- point questions I got were things
I just happened to have studied. I think a large part of it is luck.
After the exam, I looked back over my books and there was SOOOOOO much
that I knew in detail that wasn't even in one mulitple choice

And now the waiting until Feb 2...

I also think the computer exam will be way easier since you must only
pass one section at a time, and will have the option of sitting
several times a year. Unless they make the exam much harder, I think
many, many people will gain certification with much more ease.



Janice Davis

I have not taken the exam, but I have heard from those who have that the
average number of tries to complete the exam is 3. I know that in the state
of FL that 2 of the 4 parts must be passed in order to not have to re-take
all four parts again.


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