Mar 4, 2019
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Hello every one:

I am planning to move USA and want to CPA USA. I just want to ask :

a) I am a graduate ( 2 years program) and an ACCA member. Am i eligible to pursue CPA ?
b) Which is the best state of USA from where i should plan to do CPA? in terms of eligibility criteria and living expenses?
c) Is there any other professional certification on the basis of which i can easily become eligible to pursue CPA? or from which i can obtain any exemption in any of the papers of CPA?
d) what are experience requirements? Would 3.5 years of experience of an audit firm would be sufficient or they must require experience in their accredited organizations?

Kindly answer my queries and if you find any other detail useful please share with me.


Apr 7, 2020
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Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a license issued in 55 states or territories of the United States that authorizes the holder to practice as a CPA in that jurisdiction. To earn the prestige associated with the CPA license, an individual is required to demonstrate knowledge and competence by meeting high educational standards, passing the CPA exam, and completing a specific amount of general accounting experience. The two most important aspects of becoming a CPA are passing the Uniform CPA Exam and meeting licensing requirements in the state where you want to practice.

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