Credit Account history gone!!



I thought that when you download old credit card statements from your online
accounts, they are stored permanently in Microsoft Money (I use the 2005
trial edition). That is, even if American Express only stores the past six
months of statements on its site, anything I would have downloaded before
that period would stay in my database and help build a long track record of
spending that could be analyzed with the Reports feature.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered today that both my Citi and
Amex accounts in Money have lost all but past month's data! I rushed to the
Citi and Amex accounts online and discovered they, too, had eliminated
statements prior to the last month. So did updating my accounts go back and
delete several months of information from within Money? Doesn't that mean
I'm dependent entirely on what these companies choose to show me? Doesn't
that mean I have to keep all of my paper statements too, as a backup? What
good, then, is Money?

This may prove the end of my trial! :-( I was enjoying the software thus



Richard Bollar

For what it's worth, I've never seen Money do that before.

Before you panic, I would check to see if the view is of all transactions,
not just reconciled transactions. Also, try a search for a transaction that
you know used to be in the file.


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