Credit Card (Bad BIN or Host Dosconnect)

Jun 22, 2011
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I have 2 POS stations. The one w/ the database is completely fine..debit and credit working. 2nd machine has a problem with running credit cards (debit works) as I get the error: Network Connection=501, Bad BIN or Host Disconnect. Now I called customer service on a previous issue that said Network Connection=501, Not Implemented when I ran credit cards. We turned off the firewalls and changed the terminal ID to a different number (both registers had the same #). Problem went away and I ran a credit card fine. For some reason I went back and turned on the firewalls and now I get this error even if they are all turned off (Bad BIN or Host Disconnect.

So I know my numbers are correct for the bank identification number so Im kinda lost on where to go after this.....any help would be grateful. Thx


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