Credit Card Debt - I need your help



Back in July of 2004, I had no choice but to stop paying my credit card
bills ($13000 worth) and use all of my money to pay medical bills for a
sick family member. Now, I've paid off the medical bills and have
enough to start paying once again on the credit cards. My question is
since the cards have been sent to collection , what should I do?

I have enough to make monthly payments, but not to pay off the whole
thing. Should I contact the credit card companies, bill collectors or
go with a debt relief company. Also, due to my job, I move every few
years and when I need to rent a new home I'm going to need good enough
credit to move in. So along with paying off the cards, how do I get
good enough credit to rent a home?

I am thankful for your help.


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