Credit Card Payment Category / Error


Grad. Student

I'm using MS Money 2003.

I'm downloaded my Credit Card account (Discover). The line
where I paid
my this Credit card bill I tried to put in the
catagory "Credit Card
Payment: Discover".

The Error I get is,
"You cannot transfer money from an account to itself.
Please check that
you are entering the transfer in the corrent account. "

What category should I use?



Bonnie Synhorst - MVP

If you choose the Credit Card Payement under the Special categories, this is
a two sided transaction that is meant to enter into your checking account,
for instance, when you pay the credit card.

Since you are downloading this transaction, you can either select a regular
category or create a regular category for the credit card payment, or delete
the downloaded transaction and enter the Special Credit Card Payment in the
account that you use to pay the credit card bill so it is ented in both

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