Credit Card Refunds


Steven I.

I created an invoice for $300.00 and charged the customer's credit card using
SBA. LAter, I had to refund $100.00 back to the customer. I refunded the
$100.00 through SBA. SBA created a 'customer credit memo' for $100.00 The
account now shows the refund (labelled as 'check'). However, the customer
shows a credit balance for $100.00 (it should be $0.00). Any help you can
give would be greatly appreciated.




I may be visualizing this wrong, you have to "pay" the credit memo to
the credit card processor.


I suggest you open the credit memo and click Credit Card Refudn on the tool bar



Lance [MSFT]

Saving the Customer Credit Memo recorded that you owe the customer the
refund. The next step is to record that you paid the refund. That will get
rid of the $100 credit balance.

What form to use depends on how you paid it. If you had paid by check,
there is a button 'Check Refund' on the credit memo for entering the refund

There isn't a specific form for entering a customer refund payment done by
methods other than check, so use a journal entry to record this refund

Open the journal entry form from the company menu. Set the date for the
transaction. You'll need to add a pair of lines to the journal entry form.
On one line, set the type to customer, pick the customer in the account drop
down, and enter the amount of the refund payment in the Debit field. On the
other line, set the type to financial account, pick the bank account you paid
from, and enter the payment amount in the credit column.

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