credit check, loan query help


dirt dibbler

I have never had loans etc before (except for my mortgage) & would consider
myself to have a perfect credit record.

I recently applied for a personal loan at a good rate & was accepted no
problems & paperwork was sent through the post, for me this was only a query
about *if* i could get a loan & what it would cost, i hadn't particularly
envisaged accepting it.

Having now shopped around i have applied for a smaller loan with a more
competitive rate, but this has been refused on the credit check, initial
conversation seems to suggest having the first credit check has gone against
me causing the second application to be refused, due to the recent credit
check being on file.

Does this sound possible? if so how do you shop around for loans when only
'typical APR' is quoted or have i totally got the wrong end of the stick?
how do i confirm why my credit check failed?

I now feel i can only accept the first loan quote i got, but now i want to
borow less, if i go back & ask for less, they will credit check me again &
will they then refuse me a loan due them carrying out a third credit check?

I'm new to personal loans, hence i may be talking giberish, but i'd
appreciate some light shedding on this.



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