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Can someone kindly remind me of who I contact to check my credit rating?






Can someone kindly remind me of who I contact to check my credit rating?
Its a file not a rating.
The only things which should come as a surprise are things which have
been recorded wrongly.

It lists what credit you have (eg: credit cards, catalogues etc) and
whether you've paid on time every month. So you'll know yourself if
you've been on time with them.

lists the info you need to send experian and equifax.
Its only a couple of quid at each so not too bad.
It's amazing what crap can appear on your file. One time I checked I found
out that Co-op Bank had done a search on me at my neighbours house. When I
queried this I found out Co-op Bank had punched in the house number for my
old address and the postcode for my new address when assessing a credit
limit increase. It didn't affect anything at the time and I'd not applied
for anything since, so never found out if it would have created a problem,
however, knowing how some financial organisations are a stickler for having
things just so,. thought it best to correct it. I now get my credit file
sent to me automatically every quarter (you can apply for this to be done on
the Experian web site) to keep an eye out for other rubbish.

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