Credit expert



When I go in to get my free year of credit expert, their
service tells me after entering all the information that
I've already got an account with them. I did have an
account, from my MOney 2004, but cancelled it when the
year was up and they tried to charge me $90 for a year of
monitoring. How do I get my free service for the next
year since I purchased 2005 this week. Is anyone else
having this problem???




yea i had simuliar thing-except i didn't even know i had
the service and recieved notice my year was up. When I
tried to get info no one seemed to want to help me and I
got no where so dropped it.



Zach Rose

I had the same problem. Apparently it's caused by upgrading your M04
datafile. The way to get around that is open a new file and then when you
go to the signup link it should work. Once your signed up you can delete
the new file and go back to your upgraded file. The link to access your
credit report from within money still won't work, but you can go directly to
experians website to sign in until Microsoft gets an update out to fix that
problem. At least this way you'll get your free report and one year of
credit manager instead of just a 30 day trial.
Another nice thing about Money's free offer is that they don't ask for a
credit card number so when your year is up they can't just renew it and
charge it to your credit card.


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