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Tom Platinum systems ltd

HI guys

got a question for you not sure if its the same in the U.S but in the U.K we
do credit notes mainly in fashion outlets. Basically the problem i'm having
is that making a credit not a type of voucher is fine for one store as serial
numbers work fine. But we have now got a few customers that want to be able
to use credit notes on a global scale at all there stores thats fine if
theres no serial numbers but there is what should i do.

I thought about crediting accounts but it takes to long to create a customer
then credit there account.

By the way credit notes are issued instead of cash on returns. Also could
anyone point me in the right direction of how to get it to print credit note
on the receipt.

Tom Harris




Try using a Gift Card solution from a merchant provider. Not certain what
your options are in the U.K.

The reason the serial number doesn't print on the receipt is because your
receipt does not wrap the text. To fix this problem you need to remove ~
tilde sign from the Item.Desciption column from the Transaction Details
section of the receipt.
First find your receipt format, make a copy of the receipt then right click
and choose edit. Press Ctrl-F and search for TransactionDetails (one word)
then change this:
<WIDTH>PageWidth * 0.42 </WIDTH>
<TEXT> "Description" </TEXT>

To look like this:

<WIDTH> PageWidth * 0.42 </WIDTH>
<TEXT> "Description" </TEXT>

Save your file then reassign the file in the Receipt Format section of SO




Afshin Alikhani

Dear Tom,

We are working on a Global Voucher as part of our Store and HQ Misc Utilitis
to be released by end of March 2006. We are also adding the option that
when a credit is outstanding on an invoice [upon a return] the system will
automatically prompt on whether you wish to sell a voucher or not. For
additional information feel free to contact me.

Afshin Alikhani - [[email protected]]
CEO - Retail Realm
Mobile: 07768 -337-333

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