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Is there anywhere to get a free copy of one's credit score?
I've just filed bk 7 Oct 17th I haven't gotten my discharge papers
yet, but i'm anxious to get them and start working on cleaning up a
bunch of stuff. Also does anyone know of any good place or reading
material for understanding credit reports?




It's my understanding that we are entitled to one "free" credit report
per year...I don't think that one's FICO score is included in the free
report. It's not that much though....I just recently purchased my FICO
score/credit report on Equifax for $14.95 online. There's a good forum
on BK issues you might want to check out at:

FYI, there's really nothing that can be done so quickly after you've
just filed a Chapter 7 that will make a huge improvement in your FICO
score. If there are glaring errors/mistakes, you should definitely make
an effort to have them corrected...just don't expect for this to give
you good credit in just a few months. Filing a BK will not destroy
your credit forever, but you should be resigned to having bad credit
for at least two years. FICO scores are most heavily weighted on events
that have happened in two years....The passage of time will be the
biggest positive effect on your FICO score....granted that you have no
other negative events happen in that time period. So, do try to correct
any mistakes that are in your report...also, you might want to get a
"secured" credit card a pay that darn thing on time EVERY month...this
can help re-establish your credit.....In about two years your FICO
score should move up to at least acceptable, but not great, levels.

FYI #2: Credit card companies consider people who have just filed
Chapter 7 as an opportunity to give to credit cards to...strangely
enough. The reason is that they cynically know that the debt cannot be
discharged with Chapter 7 again because you've just filed
don't be surprised to get flooded with all sorts of offers. When they
arrive...file them where they need to the trash can. The last
thing you need is to get into credit card trouble again and not be able
to file Chapter 7.


Thanks for the wonderful advice. I've got an account on there's tons of info there. Yeah i do realize that
this soon after filing bk i'm not going to get a good score soon.
esp without some work. I'm just wanting to buy a house and i'd
love to get my score up in order to get a lower interest rate.
my recent divorce is the reason to my filing, it seems that while
we were seperated the ex bought a tummy tuck and run (our) cc's
through the roof, all that on top of child support. I could not
afford to live. Also the ex filed bk about a year ago when we were
seperated so all those cc's that were joint accounts all rolled to me.
she lived on those cc'd for months.

Luckly things are looks up, i've got one full time job and two
parttime jobs i'm slowly digging my way out. which is still better
than what i say about my ex.
I have already seen several cc offers in the mail, and i was shocked.
yes i have filed them (in the trash) i've never had a problem with
again thanks,




What is the best way to get back on the good credit score track after

Make sure all your BK'd accounts are listed on your credit report as
"included in BK" and "zero balance". Submit my free credit dispute form
and a copy of your credit report and court papers circling accounts to
show which are incorrectly reported after your bankruptcy. Make sure
your lawyer gets in on this endeavor before he signs out of your life.
The courts and lawyers are not up to speed in fair credit reporting
issues with bankruptcies and SHOULD BE.

Monitor any progress on credit report updates with a credit report
service that allows you to check your credit report regularly for the
desire updates without putting inquiry marks on your report. The best
deal "I can find" is one that gets a score and unlimited reports from
all 3 bureaus it is $9.95 per month after 30 days and free if you
cancel before 30 days..

Make sure you keep " open credit lines after bankruptcy" up to date no
matter what. Beg and borrow but pay these bills before 30 days elapse.

Potential creditors will want to see some open credit after
Bankruptcy". I found it best to get a small credit card and pay on time
for 1 year to keep your score and ratings marked as current. Most
potential creditors need at least 3 "open", ("current" paid on time
each month open), ("rated" at least 12 months on file) lines of
credit. So I would try to get 3 credit cards that are small and do not
abuse them. Use credit cards for your benefit. Get a credit card after
bankruptcy here.


What is the best bankruptcy to file if I want to get my credit going
as soon as possible and why. Chapter 7 bankruptcy are the best to file
if you want to get on with your life as fast as possible. With a
chapter 7 bankruptcy you can not file again for 7 years and you are
discharged out the same day of your court date. With a Chapter 13 you
make payments until the bills you agreed to pay back are paid in full.
After completion of your payments you will receive discharge papers. So
you tie up your credit for that period of time. The other downside to
chapter 13 is your payments do not show up on your credit reports
because you pay the courts and the courts pay your creditors.

I filed for bankruptcy in 02/ 1999, but my credit report keeps showing
02/2000 and I have contacted the 3 credit companies and nothing is
being done about this problem. Do you have any suggestions ?

I would send in paperwork detailing discharge date. Use language that
includes your right by the fair credit reporting act.


A 2002 study by the Consumer Federation of America estimated that tens
of millions of Americans are unfairly penalized for incorrect
information in their credit reports. More recently, a 2004 study by the
U.S. Public Interest Research Group found that one in four credit
reports contained errors serious enough to cause consumers to be denied
credit, housing, or even a job.

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