Customer Cards?


David D.

I am wondering if POS 09 will allow me to assign a gift type card to an
individual customer, so the card can be scanned before I start the sale, to
pull up that customer. I know that there some great 3rd party app's that will
do this, I'm just wondering if POS will do this in some way, on a small
scale. I would like to give these cards to our regular customers, so we can
just scan or swipe them, to add them to the sale.
Also, anyone know where I can get some cards that work w/ POS 09 in
smaller Qty's. (100-250) Custom logo is optional. Thanks on advance!

David D.



Maurice @ ARS

What I would do is use the card number as the customer account number, setup
POS to require customer and have custoemr screen come up after each
transaction, you should be able to scan the card which in turn would assign
the customer.

As for small qtys of cards with or without custom printing give me a call we
can do orders as small as 100 cards.

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