Customer Phone and Fax number issue



Still struggling with the attempted upgrade from 2007 to 2008.

After the upgrade, when I try to create a quote for a customer, in the Phone
field I do NOT get the phone listed as the client's "Business" number.
Instead, it lists all other numbers I have for that customer (different
contact persons) and shows them as "Other".

I went to the customer's record and looked under Phone, the "Business" and
"Other" entries both have tickmarks on them. I click "Other" and the tickmark
is removed, leaving only "Business" with a tickmark and in bold letters
(meaning it's the default number).

Saving the record and then coming back to it shows the dual tick mark
situation has returned. Both "Business" and "Other" have tickmarks, and again
the "Business" number won't be accessible on quotes/invoices, etc.

Any clues what to do?


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