Customer Statement of Account



Is there any way to generate softcopy customer statement of account that can
also be exported to excel?



Brenda Richter, CPA

If you have Adobe, you can print the statement to PDF.

However, I see no way to export to Excel.

Also, I see no way to email a customer statement from SBA.
So, I print customer statements to PDF, and then email the PDFs.

Lance [MSFT]

Yes there is a way to print a customer statement to a file. It prints to a
word file rather than an excel file, but you could copy the data out of the
word file and paste it into excel if you prefer excel.

To save a customer statement as a word file, first open the customer record
for the customer whose statement you want to create. In the "Actions" menu
expand "Generate Customer Statement" and click "Export to Word". This brings
up a dialog asking what date range you want to include in the statement.
Fill this in and click OK. You'll then get to choose a template from which
to create the statement. Select a template and click OK to save the word

Before you print off statements, you might want to create a template of your
own or modify one or more of the provided templates. That way you can put in
your company logo and any other information about your business you would
like to include. You can find the template files in the 'Templates' folder
inside the directory where the program is installed (typically c:\program
files\microsoft small business\small business accounting) The easiest way to
create a template for your business is to choose whichever of the existing
templates you like best, copy it, and then add or remove anything you wish to
change. Save the new template in the same folder as the one you copied so
that the program will be able to find the new template.

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Apr 25, 2011
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Interesting Tool

I have actually found a tool which allows me to upload my Excel spreadsheet and then creates/delivers the statements in PDF form.

The tool is called OneClick Commissions - google it.


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