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I know the RMS package is not the best for food products, but I have this
small requirement of a coffe shop to use the package along with other
departments. I want to create custom touch screen buttons on the POS screen
as show below, which will select the coffee products on a two key strokes.


For ex, if a customer buys a medium smoothie, then the operator should be
able to hit MED button, and then SMOOTHIE button to select medium smoothie.

How do I configure the database for a category and item? Is this achievable
by macro or other means?

If someone has already created this kind of capability, then I am willing to
buy the expertise.






We are a retail business with a coffeebar;
We have 3 registers that have their standard
personalized "retail" buttons. Then at the coffeebar they
have a button called "Espresso" (ofcourse you can call it
whatever you want) an under this we built one big matrix
item: What drink (espresso, tea, moccha, hot chocolate
etc) and what size (tall or grande) then on the
same "page" on your sale screen we have also added buttons
like "Extra Shot" "Local Discount" "Employee Discount"
It's the easiest if you have more than one register, so
you can use one register mostly for all your drinks and
the other for your merchandise.
Hope this helps you!



I did it like so:
You build an item as a matrix, let's say ILC 01 and
Description Espresso. -Type: Matrix -Lookup
Code: "whatever you choose" and fill all info here and
click next. On this page you have to fill in 2 Dimensions.
The first will be called "Drink" and the second dimension
I calles "Size". I filled in every drink TWICE as we have
2 sizes for drinks, Tall and Grande. So I have as my first
Drink: Latte, size:Tall second drink: Latte, size:Grande
and etc for all your drink choices. If you have more than
2 sizes you ofcourse have to enter the drink in 3 times in
order to give it the 3 size choices. When done doing this
click again next. On this screen you can fill out all the
different prices for all you different drinks and sizes.
I am not sure how to add the button on your screen, you
will have to ask your reseller. When it pops up though,
you will have choices of your drinks, and the size. Not
the long list of the 2 same drinks and then the size....
it works real good for our barrista's, and it's fast....
no complaints at all this summer... Good Luck!!



That did help as you had described. I was able to put the macro button which
popped up the matrix screen. I feel the matrix pop up is too small for the
operator to touch and select. Do you run in to this issue?

Other thing I noticed is that you have to go through 4 button hits instead
of 2 to select the item (first hit expresso button to bring up matrix menu,
then select drink, then select size, and then press OK button). Are you also
doing the same thing?

Thanks for your help



Our buttons were a little small as well, you could try to change your screen
pixels (under your Display Properties and screen).... or some stores use
special pens to touch the screen with. To change the actual POS screen, Ctrl
F6, and you will have to play with this. Ours are set like this: Transaction
Screen, click on WINDOW, left position 3 pix, top position 0 pix, width 800,
height 450, click OK. Go to Touchscreen Keyboard, left position 0, top
position 450, width 800, height 150, click OK. We have 14" monitors and the
pixels are set 800 by 600. Let me know if that didn't work, as I looked on
our mailorder computer and this one might have different settings.

We don't have any problems with the 4 botton hits, the barrista's will get
the hang of it soon and just zoom right thru it....

Good Luck!


Apr 3, 2013
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I need help, I want to create a custom button in MS POS for SetCustomer option I need customer search by account number instead to customer id , can you help me, please; I have no access on Microsoft customer portal, I know about and C#.

Abid Ali

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