Cut Costs In Accounting Applications

I work in the computing industry and have a degree in Adv Mgmt/Fin Acctg,
plus diploma in IT. The better and best program is going with the updating
features of MS SQL. You might want to look at Cognos for another
alternative. They may save you finances and trouble to get anymore upgrading
in the future as you grow. I have found when you cut the costs, you end up
calling someone in like myself and having to pay extra to get the PL/SQL to
suit your personal requirements and having to wait 6 mos to get the
developer to understand what you are trying to do. It costs you more in the
long run. The biggest problem you will have is in compatibility issues and
migrating issues with "marrying" the data with the new and getting someone
who has accounting and computing knowledge. There are individuals out
there. Cognos (one of their head trainers is a CMA - Bruce McAra) He works
mostly out in the West.

work in Canada for a $4.5-$6 million company. We also have two locations
(Waterloo, ON and Richmond Hill, ON). Our Waterloo office is the head office
and it uses Great Plains Dynamic as our accounting application. We currently
pay atleast $3000 on maintenance and upgrades. Apparently next year we will
need to upgrade this product entirely to MS SQL Server. This is going to
cost us an additional $7000 (server, upgrade, etc.) plus ongoing maintenance
and upgrades. I was wondering if there is an alternative that will match our
needs? We need to do the following:

*Consolidate two companies into one
*Do payroll for atleast 70 employees
*Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
*Compare actuals to budgets (monthly, year to date and lytd basis)

We are looking to cut costs, but still run our day to day operations.

Thanks in advance.


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