Data output from Payment Processing



Hi all,

I am in Mexico and I need to connect my RMS to a payment processor and bank.
Citibank DOES NOT offer the service in Mexico so there is not even that
choice here. So I have some questions to try to mimic the Citibank / Vital
system with my procesor / bank:

1) Does anybody knows what information is passed to the processor when a
credit card, debit card and check is processed?

2) In what format is it passed? XML?

3) Is there a way to capture this information in a text file or the like by
trying to send these transactions?

The only thing I have is the DB table definitions on what data is collected
in the DB.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...




Glenn Adams

Does Vital act as a processor in Mexico?

Can you use either PCCharge or ICVerify?

You might want to check with TPI - they have an integration between RMS and
their payment server product, but I don't know if it's available in Mexico.

You would have to get the information you're looking for directly from the
processor you want to integrate with. That's basically what PCCharge and
ICVerify do for you - they have an input that RMS can write to, then they
handle formatting the info correctly for whatever processor you have set up.
Writing your own processing software is probably going to be painful as you
would need to have it certified by the processor.



You need to check with Vital and see if any Mexican banks support Vital. If you can use Vital, then you can use the free, built-in,
so-called Citibank interface. You need to be able to use Vital and have an
internet connection. Otherwise, you can try ICVerify or PC Charge for
credit card only transactions. Even then, you need to make sure that you
can use either with a Mexican bank.

1. Type of sale/credit/void/return etc, the amount of
sale/credit/void/return etc, card number, expiration date, cvv code if used,
check digit. Depends on the processor in which order the info is sent.

2. Simple text file

3. As someone else mentioned, you need to be certified by the processor.
Everytime _they_ make a change, you need to be recertified again. Its not


Thanks GLenn & Jeff,

No, no to everything....
IC Verify, VItal, PC Charge and TPI do not have services in Mexico.
I guess I am in trouble...
I do not want to write my own processing software.... not at all....
I just want to know the order and data that come out of RMS so
I can give it to the processors and banks in Mexico to see if they
can interface their systems with RMS.

They do it with the big department stores and big supermarket
chains but I wonder if they can do it and are willing to do it with
a small guy using RMS.. it would be neat...

Thansk again....


Have you looked to see if First Data has processing services in Mexico?




Thanks for the suggestion Elizabeth... I contacted First Data and
they have a joint venture or alliance with Scotia Bank Inverlat a
Canadian Mexican bank that uses IC Verify... we are already
checking that avenue...

Thanks again...


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