Debit and credit card info


Greg Rozelle

Here some more info on debit cards/,,2062527,00.html

Your card can simply stop working while you are abroad. This is
usually because your own bank's computer system has intervened: it
intercepts transactions (more often with credit cards than debit
cards) that differ from your usual spending patterns and therefore
look suspicious.

The bank admits it can note only one foreign country at a time on its
system, and warns: 'When you move country, we need to know again"


My tips
If traveling to the U.S.

If your at merchant that take both credit card and atm
card(Nyce,Star,etc) and using a Visa Debit.

Try the Credit method first. If denied, try the atm/debit button and
enter your pin. Both methods will come out of your checking account.

If using a Maestro card
You can use those at some merchant that take these cards.
You select the atm/debit button and enter your pin. If the merchant
does not have the label just try the card. The atm networks here have
shared agreements.

Some times a Maestro card may work as a Mastercard but it is hit and

Try using an atm that does not hold your card while you do your
transaction. This prevents the card for being ate.

Greg Rozelle


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